Monday, January 2, 2012

Nilgiri construction

From a Reader:

As we all are aware, the Nilgiris is a soil erosion land. In 2009 also people were affected very badly due to the landslides in the area. Like wise, the entire of Niligirs is unfit for any further construction of any nature.

Due to developmental activities large areas of forests have been cleared in and around the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. More human habitation has resulted in largescale road laying that connects even remote forest areas to the nearest urban centre. Construction activities like road building have unleashed widespread landslides and slope destabilization. Construction of the Kabini reservoir has submerged the valley between Nagarhole and Bandipur.
The rocks and boulders that make up the hills are held together by soil. When trees are cut down, their roots are no longer available to hold the soil together. A heavy rainfall is sufficient to make the rocks and boulders come hurtling down. Tea and vegetable plants are totally inadequate in preventing landslides.
We must understand and remember that once the balance of nature is disturbed or destroyed, it is beyond man’s capability or capacity to stop or prevent the disastrous chain reaction that will be triggered off destroying the entire human community.
I wish to bring to your kind notice about certain construction bigwigs in the Nilgiris.Bribing muncipal officers Construction work is going on in full swing in coonoor Bedford, Brooklands, Kottagiri, Ooty, etc areas where chances of landslides are very high.

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