Sunday, September 23, 2007

Top Ten reasons why Karunanidhi has no Karunai for Lord Ram.

“Whether I am alive or not, I will be with you in your blood and breath. No one can destroy me because I am a part of you,” Karunanidhi said recently. Isn't that one the definitions of God? I understand God has millions of forms, interpretations and definitions; this happens to be a core one.

So here is my top ten reasons as to why Karunanidhi hates Ram.

10> One of his earlier nemesis was Maruthur Gopala Ramachandran.
9> To the border of Tamil Nadu lies God's own country, Kerala.
8> Tamil Nadu can become a major port and its southern regions can have major industries after the canal is dredged. (I know, that was not funny)
7> The Brahmins are gone, the Vada Naattaans speak perfect Tamil, all of Tamil Nadu knows Khindi(Hindi) now, so he needed a new target.
6> He hates Rama Rajya. What, no corruption and caste and religion based politics?
5> Even Mother Theresa hated God sometimes. Karunanidhi has a love hate relationship with God too.
4> He is just way ahead of his time. Scientists will prove one day that God is not this, not that (neti, neti)
3> He is a Shaivite and does not like Vaishnavite Gods.
2> So the Vaanaras would have been Dravidian right?
1> What, only one wife?

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