Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Why Ram Setu needs to be dredged...

I had indicated in an earlier post as to why Kalaiznar Karunanidhi was wrong in taking on Lord Ram on the Setu Samudram issue. He can use his oratory skills and convince people as to why it is Lord Ram's wish to actually dredge the canal and help India and people in the south. Here are my ideas in English; he can Tamilize it, I am sure.

- Ram left his empire in the care of Bharata; who in turn took care of Bharat for Ram. The time has come for Ram to pay back Bharat(India).

- This would be a great way of saying "Thank you" to the land of Sugreeva and Hanuman as there would be a lot of jobs created in Tamil Nadu. Roads are already being laid to take advantage of the port activity. (Or maybe they are being laid for the impending Tata activities).

- Ram wants Bharat to prosper. I am sure he does not want someone to guard the bridge like Bharat did while guarding Ram's empire with his sandals. I am sure he is not expecting such a sacrifice from the people of his empire.

- It is a reminder of a painful chapter of Ram's life that he would rather forget.

Feel free to add to it in the traditions of a "பட்டி மன்றம்" (Debate).

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